Know Uruguay

Know Uruguay

In South America, between Argentina and Brazil, is placed Uruguay, an enjoyable and pacific country with a generally mild and stable climate year 'round, favoured by its smooth geography. Uruguay not only has a high life standard and is considered one of the safest countries in the world, but also stands out due to its huge concern with the environment, as well as to its large variety of landscapes.

The perfect balance among green prairies and long beaches together with the long rivers and lagoons make up a big hydrographical net, which models the landscape with undulations that divide the streams and irrigate a wide natural prairie. This provides endless natural landscapes all around.

With very low pollution levels, Uruguay is the paradise for ecotourism, providing several flora and fauna reserves, as well as protected areas, such as Colonia del Sacramento, declared world's cultural heritage by UNESCO, a real trip to the past with its typical streetlamps and paved streets.


Punta del Este, the main seaside resort of America, is visited year after year by thousands of tourists coming from all around the world, and is the first touristic capital of the MERCOSUR. Additionally, it offers beautiful oceanic beaches and rich hotel and gastronomic choices, as well as rich cultural activities during the whole year.

Montevideo, the capital city of the country, with one million three hundred thousand people, was chosen capital city of the MERCOSUR due to its strategic location. Besides its typical peace and safety, the influx of Afro-American and European immigrants, mostly Spanish and Italians, make up the rich cultural diversity of the city in all fields, from art to gastronomy. All this comes together with an excellent hotel offer.

Therefore, this city is a very attractive destination for visitors. Uruguay's long democratic tradition, the large amount of lucrative investment opportunities and its healthy environment place the country in an excellent position in the international indicators. So much that it is in the 38th position in the ICAD (International Community for Auditory Display) World Ranking 2005 and in the 7th position in the ICAD Ranking for the Americas.

The International Conferences Institution itself chose Uruguay world venue for 2005. The most outstanding event was the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government, which took place in Montevideo and in which twenty-three Ibero-American countries took part.


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