Core Storage

Core Storage

ANCAP Inaugurated Core Storage WithinThe Exploration And Production Project

On 23rd November ANCAP’s E&P Core Storage was inaugurated at Capurro Industrial & Technological Pole in Montevideo, Uruguay. Here, samples obtained from onshore and offshore drilling campaigns associated to E&P activities since the decade of 1950, are stored. This place creates a space for the preservation, information valuation and development of basic and applied research.

The event was attended by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), Eng. Carolina Cosse, Directors, Managers and personnel from ANCAP involved in the project, professors from Universidad de la República (UdelaR) and representatives of International Oil Companies that have been working onshore and offshore Uruguay.

 ANCAP’s President, Eng. Marta Jara, defined this Core Storage as a space that holds exploration’s history in the country and protects all the knowledge and information for future generations. “Our objective is to consolidate it as a reference center, globally and regionally, for the promotion of research and knowledge of mineral resources, energy and earth sciences”, she said.

This project was supported by the Training Fund from Oil Companies that carry out the exploratory activities in the country. Likewise, this fund has promoted investigation projects, Master’s and PhD’s thesis and training activities, resulting in approximately a hundred scientific articles. This allowed ANCAP and the country to be present in the international petroleum map.

The Minister of Industry labeled the Core Storage as a “mineral data center”, encouraging schools throughout the country to visit it, and promoting scientific and technological research activities.





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