Within the hydrocarbon exploratory activities, ANCAP requested an area to MIEM (Cañada de los Burros area) to study the possibility of coal deposits. The exploratory records regarding this resource were concentrated mainly in the beginning of XX Century in the East region of the Norte Basin. They indicate that the coal deposits can be found in the Tres Islas formation (Lower Permian).

Since 2013 ANCAP counts with an area with an exploration permit to study this resource. Among the activities that have been developed in the area, it stands out the regional and detailed cartography with the highest concentration of antecedents and 13 stratigraphic wells. They crossed centimetric coal levels as well as levels of carbonaceous shale interbedded between fluvio-deltaic sandstones of the Tres Islas formation.

Location of coal stratigraphic wells in Cañada de los Burros area, Norte Basin


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