Specific Regulation

Approves the regulation of uses of water, coastal and port areas spaces
Regulation to prevent marine pollution by oil and other substances due to vessel operations, according to the provisions of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea by Oil, OMI No. 13.833 Law 29 / 12/69 and the Treaty of the
Declares the exploitation, preservation and study of the riches of the sea of national interest. (Points out Article 12 about release of waters)
Accountability Law, Article 67 sets the maximum amount fines in case of oil spill.
International Cooperation Agreement, Preparedness and Response to Oil Pollution for hydrocarborns (OPRC / 90)
Establishes the regime of Prevention and Monitoring, font of possible pollution of national jurisdiction waters, originates from vessels, among others.
Establishes referring norms to territorial sea, exclusive economic zone and the Uruguayan continental platform.
Regulates the activity of assistance and rescue of vessels in case of sinisters in national jurisdiction waters.
Establishes the governing principles of a National Water Policy (Points out chapter IV about Hydric Resources.)
Declares Uruguayan territorial sea as a sanctuary for whales and dolphins
Exploratory Opportunities
Academic Activities