General Regulation

Regulates the management of industrial and assimilated solid waste
Modification of the regulation of environmental impact assessment and environmental authorizations (Dec. 349/005), adding marine seismic activities and also seabed or subsoil study activities, through methods that use acoustic and electromagnetic sources
Regulates the management of industrial solid waste treated
Includes amending. Surge and decree of the Water Code
Regulation of evaluation of environmental impact and environmental authorizations.
Regulates Law for the National System of Protected Areas
Approves the International Convention about Biological Diversity (Point out articles 6 and following about conservation of the Biological Diversity)
Environment, is declared of National Interest, its protection against any type of depredation, destruction or contamination.
Creates a National System of Prtotectec Natural Areas, as instrument of application of the policies and national plans of enviromental protection
Declaration of general interest: environmental protection, conservation of the biological diversity, etc.
Proposed air quality standards. Proposed standards nuisance gaseous stationary sources. Define requirements for emissions monitoring
Exploratory Opportunities
Available Data
Academic Activities